Woodland & Forestry

With well-publicised tax advantages, woodland has become an increasingly popular investment for leisure purchasers. Our rural team have handled numerous woodland sales and forestry sales from 47 acres of public woodland through to small copses for private use and would be happy to guide you with purchasing whatever you are looking for.

Woodland & forestry purchases provide a variety of potential uses from commercial activities such as paintballing to those who simply want to encourage wildlife and conservation while being in their own little pocket of nature.

Speak to the team today for further information on woodland for sale and forestry for sale and we will delighted to assist you.

Reasons to Invest in Woodland & Forestry

Purchasing woodland  & forests doesn’t necessarily have to be profitable at all, it can just be your own little haven, where you can sit back and enjoy a peaceful retreat in your own hideaway.

A survey done in 2013 found that compared with the UK average population, woodland owners experience greater satisfaction with life and feel more positive that they are doing something worthwhile.  In contrast to buying a property; there are no chains, furniture, leases and usually no legal charges to register or release. You also don’t have to pay council tax or surveyors fees so there are little problems with purchasing your own piece of woodland.

If you have a family; woodland is a perfect opportunity to re-connect with nature by taking walks, having picnics, organising treasure hunts, building tree-houses or sleeping under the stars. Furthermore you can camp in a caravan for up to 28 days a year. Those who are partial to more activity can cycle, go shooting or if you have the equipment, paintballing is perfect in woodland or similarly if you have the expertise then even bee-keeping can be possible.  As it is your own woodland, you can make a clearing and light a camp fire and clear undergrowth to make space for tents- it’s your decision when it comes to what you want to put in your woodland.

On the other hand, if profit is something you would like to achieve from buying woodland then there are companies who will help private woodland owners sell any mature timber they harvest.

If you need help or advice, please speak with one of our specialist agents who will be delighted to discuss your requirements in more detail and recommend any services that you may need to purchase woodland.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Woodland & Forestry

First and foremost you need to consider how much land you want, from 1.5 acres to 50 acres. Woodland goes quickly off the market because of the expanding desire to have your own area of natural beauty.

Another thing to consider is that woodland does require some maintenance and if any timber falls then it must be replaced and replenished. Moreover you may want to clear paths for exploring your wood and cut back brambles.

We would recommend considering and researching the time and effort it takes to commit to a woodland before putting an offer in, but if your already sold on the prospect then look at our land on offer. Fox Grant Property Specialists often have a variety of sizes in woodland for sale so please register your details with us and we will keep you up to date with anything that might fit your search criteria.

If you are thinking of offering your woodland for sale, please contact the team today.