Our team have first-hand experience in the sale and development of campsites with our Director creating his own site from scratch, near the Stonehenge Heritage Site.

Having created a highly successful site, William has an unrivalled knowledge of campsite businesses and their disposal.

If you are considering offering your campsites for sale, contact the team today.

Things to Consider When Starting a Campsite

What Type Of Campsite To Start?

The first question is what type of campsite do you want to run.  Setting up a small scale campsite is relatively simple but larger scale sites involve a lot more legislation and planning.  The benefits of a small site are that they are easier to run, there is less red tape but then the income is smaller too.  Large sites come with staffing & planning issues but offer far greater returns.

What Do Customers Look For In A Campsite?

Generally campsite customers are looking for a peaceful location in beautiful surroundings.  They are looking for somewhere to relax and unwind with the option to explore the local area and tourist attractions.  Value for money combined with a great experience is key.

What Facilities Should I Provide?


Campers will want a relatively flat site that is well drained and well maintained.

Water and Waste

Shower, toilet and washing facilities are key to most campsites.  The standard of these facilities will determine how satisfied the campers are with their stay.  It is worth investing a little money and time into the shower block, toilets and washing up facilities.

Speak to your local council regarding waste disposal and see this guide from the Environment Agency on your responsibilities regarding waste disposal:

 Electric Hook-Ups

In this technological day and age many campers now opt to be hooked up to the electric.  Whilst not a pre-requisite to setting up a campsite it is worth considering whether you can offer this facility as you can charge more for a pitch with access to electricity.

Access To The Site

Access to your site will be important to campers but also to planners should you need to seek planning permission for your campsite.  It may be good to speak with the Highways Agency and your local planning authority before purchasing a potential campsite to check they have no reservations about access.

A gated entrance is also worth considering as it adds security to your site. 

Do I Need Planning Permission Or A Licence?

Most campsites do need a license, although in some scenarios there may be exemptions.  To find out if you need one contact your local authority.

Planning permission is required if the land or campsite is going to be used during a specified period or for any related development, e.g roadworks, office buildings, shower blocks and other facilities.

It is always best to seek the advice of a planning consultant or speak with the local authority if there is any doubt on whether planning permission or a licence is required for your campsite.