Video Market Appraisals

News at Fox Grant | 30/03/2020

Free Live Video Market Appraisals

During this period of government lockdown, Fox Grant are able to provide full market appraisals via Face Time or similar video calling. We have full access to up to date market information and are able to advsie clients accordingly.

If you are considering a move this year and would like to take advantage of Fox Grant’s video market appraisals, please contact us on 01722 782727 to discuss further.

We will schedule an appointment time and call you via Face Time or similar application which we will use to ‘walk’ through your property with you, so we are able to see any improvements you have made and understand the layout of your property and noting external buildings where applicable. We will be making necessary notes and for properties with land will undertake a site plan online based upon land registry plans within the application Promap.

We will then provide an appraisal of your property including overview of present market conditions and what we anticipate activity will be moving forwards.

Remember we must all stay at home, stay safe and protect the NHS during this government lockdown.