Top 10 Tips To Help Sell Your House

News at Fox Grant | 12/02/2015

At Fox Grant we speak with people every day looking to sell their home. There's a right way and a wrong way to do things, and selling your property is no different! We've put together 10 tips to help sell your house, so whether you're looking to sell a country house, smallholdingor town property, remember to consider the following:


1. First Impressions

When buying a property first impressions always count. A buyer will decide within seconds of arriving at a property whether they might buy it or think it has potential.

It's really important to make sure that the front of your house is as tidy and as appealing as possible. Ensure the front garden and driveway are clear of weeds and any hedges and lawns have been trimmed.

Give any exterior paintwork a touch up where needed and make sure windows and doors are clean. Place bins out of site, fix any broken guttering and clear fallen leaves.


2. Sparkling Clean

Have a really good clean before any viewings. Ensure the kitchen and bathrooms sparkle with little evidence of limescale and a clean fridge, oven and hob are essential.

Buyers can be very nosey and are likely to look in every nook and cranny! Evidence of pets and children should be removed where possible, including, paw prints, pet smells, pet beds and small people's toys.

Not all buyers will have pets and/or children and the mess that comes with them could be off putting to some. Buyers can also become distracted by pets and not focus on what's really important, your house.

You may want to employ a cleaner whilst your house is on the market to keep on top of things or you could ask a cleaning company to come and do a deep clean before putting your house on the market.

Don't be tempted to light scented candles, it makes people suspicious that you are trying to cover up smells and even the smell of the candle isn't to everyone's taste.


3. Fresh Coat of Paint

A lovely fresh coat of paint is probably the simplest yet most effective tool you have to smarten up your home. If you have tired paintwork it can make a house look unloved and uncared for when this is most probably not the case.

Keep the colour scheme neutral so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living there.  Strong colours are to be avoided because they may not be to everyone's taste.


4. Improve Lighting

Lighting is key to making your house look homely and welcoming, especially in the winter months when natural light is in short supply.

Check your overhead lights and your table lamps for any blown bulbs and replace them. Where you have a dark corner, consider strategically placing a lamp there and switching it on for viewings.


5. De-clutter

Buyers need to be able to see what they are potentially going to buy so make sure that your house is as clutter free as possible. Consider going to a car boot sale before you put your house on the market to sell those unwanted possessions.

For rubbish, either take it to the tip or hire a skip, they are surprisingly economical. For things you want to keep, place them in a box and put them tidily in your garage or attic.  Don't fall into the trap of de-personalising your house too much and making it too sterile, this can have a negative effect.


6. Staging

If you have rooms with no clear purpose, give them one. For example, a large landing could make a good office or library. It's also important to make sure that bedrooms are dressed as bedrooms so the buyer can see the maximum amount the property can sleep. Strategically place flowers around the house and specifically ones with a good perfume such as lilies or freesias.


7. Tidy Garden

In order to see a gardens potential, the garden needs to be clear of clutter, brambles, weeds and leaves. It?s also a good idea to have the lawn freshly mown. It may be an idea to employ someone to do this for you on a weekly basis if you are short of time. Pressure wash your patio and garden furniture as this can help buyers imagine themselves sitting in your garden in the summer time.


8. Pick A Good Estate Agent

Picking the right agent is key when selling one of your most valuable assets. Choose an estate agent with a strong online presence. With 83% of potential buyers starting their property search online, the agent you choose should have a fully mobile responsive website as well as a proactive digital marketing approach, especially on Facebook & Twitter.

It's also important to check that they advertise on all major property portals, especially Rightmove and Onthemarket. Above all, pick an agent that you like, trust and know will do a good job for you.  Our mantra at Fox Grant is to go above and beyond always and our clients wishes are always at the forefront of what we do.


9. Set The Right Price

Setting the right price for your property is crucial and can mean the difference between a timely sale and a lengthy one. Be careful that some agents don't over price your property just to win your instruction.

It's always advisable to get a minimum of three agents out to value your property. Also, check what has sold recently in your area and compare it with what you have to sell, this should give you a good idea of what your property is worth.


10. Make Your Property Easy To See

Many buyers struggle to view properties on week days as they work full time.  It's therefore advisable to make your property as accessible as possible to buyers which includes allowing viewings in the evening and at weekends.

For further advice on selling your property please contact one of our agents who will be delighted to help you, 01722 782 727 or