Tips On Selling Your House This Winter

News at Fox Grant | 20/09/2017

We’re very often asked when the best time to sell a house is.  Historically we would have said at the beginning of Spring but times have changed and there are now distinct advantages to putting your house on the market in September or October time. 

In the autumn and winter months there’s generally less property on the market and those houses on the market tend to have been on for a while.  With the shortage of stock that we’ve been experiencing over the last couple of years, serious, proceedable buyers have been desperate by September and October to see some new stock come to market and are ready to take action when it does.  If you put your house up for sale at this time of year, rather than in the traditional March, it will have less property to compete with and really can stand out from those properties that have gone stale.

Thatched cottage in snow 

The Christmas period, as astonishing as it may sound sees some of the highest traffic to sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla, especially on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  January has also seen much activity over recent years, with purchasers looking for a fresh start.  At the beginning of this this year Fox Grant launched a property in the first week of January and it sold at asking price within two weeks.  Our clients were absolutely delighted and this is what they had to say,

“We would like to thank Fox Grant for all their hard work and help in the selling of our late father's house in Middle Woodford. We really are most grateful. Fox Grant did us proud in facilitating the sale so quickly and with such little hassle.  We certainly made the right decision in choosing Fox Grant as our agent. I'm not sure we would have had such a quick sale and satisfactory outcome with any other agent.” (Mrs S & Mrs G – Salisbury, Wiltshire)

There are of course a couple of disadvantages of putting your house on the market in the winter months but below we outline some tips on how to overcome these.

1. Make your house as cosy as possible including turning the heating on, lighting fires, creating atmospheric lighting.  Adopt the Danish concept of Hygge with comforting candles, throws and scatter cushions to make your home look lived in.

2. As with marketing your property in the Spring / Summer months make sure that your garden is kept tidy and your windows and doors clean.  First impressions are absolutely key when selling your home.  Make sure that any small DIY jobs are completed and drains and gutters are clear.

3. Be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking your house is worth more than it is.  This is a common mistake and can cause your house to take longer to sell.  The market will dictate what your property’s worth and what someone is prepared to pay for it.

If you’re looking to sell your property and are keen to get an up to date valuation please call one of our team on 01722 782727 and we will be delighted to help.