Tips On How To Sell An Empty Country Property

News at Fox Grant | 10/11/2017

The most argued over point among Estate Agents, can you sell an empty country property easily? There is no definitive answer to this but there are most certainly ways to help achieve the best price without the furniture making it a home.

 A furnished house looks like a home and helps potential buyers to visualize themselves living there, it also can draw the eye away from tired décor and poor finishes. With no furniture, rooms look larger and often lighter and buyers can mentally place their own belongings in each area.

Many buyers will want to put their own personalization on a new home and will, therefore, be looking to redecorate and replace carpets. However, tired décor pulls the Bailey Hill Kitchenlight from rooms and brings a slightly sad look to a house so it is well worth repainting the whole house white or perhaps magnolia. Fresh new paint brightens, lightens and also freshens a property immediately. The preparation required for redecorating also means that everything is clean.

Kitchens and bathrooms are often in need of replacement in older houses and there is every chance that potential buyers will be looking to do this but re-grouting tiles and freshening up the silicone seals will help to make this a want as opposed to a necessity. Kitchen doors can be sanded and painted to give the units a newer and cleaner look.

Every person has their own idea of the ideal carpet colour and it is probably not economical to replace every carpet when you are selling.  If there are floorboards under the carpets it is better to expose them to give the buyers the opportunity to either replace with new carpet or to sand and varnish or stain them. Kitchen tiles after a certain time will crack or dirt will work its way into the grout. Replacing cracked tiles and re-grouting gives a clean and fresh look to the floors.

Doors are well used in a house and quickly become scruffy and badly fitting. A coat of paint or a re-sand and varnish gives a good impression as a buyer walks into each new room. Door handles need to be in full working order as well, it is never a good start when a handle falls off in your hand!

Light fittings become dull and weak over time and a good check of these is well worth while. New fittings are relatively cheap and the plainer the better. It is important to check that all fittings are firmly fixed to the wall or ceiling.

Most unfurnished houses do not have curtains so it is extremely important that the windows are clean and the surrounds are up to a good standard as without the covering of curtains any faults will be far more obvious.

Empty unused fireplaces often fill with soot and twigs from hopeful nest builders. It helps to make sure the chimneys have been well swept and the grates are clean.

Keeping the heating on during the winter months is very helpful and if kept on low only it is important to visit the property 24 hours before a viewing and turn the heating up to ensure the house is really warm.

In the summer months flies can be a very real problem, especially if window are left on the latch to give some airflow through the house. A visit 24 hours prior to the viewing to make sure any flies are dealt with is important.

An empty country property cannot be made to look like home but it can be presented to encourage buyers by following the above advice.