Why Use A Specialist Equestrian Estate Agent?

News at Fox Grant | 23/02/2017

One of the biggest decisions when you come to sell your home is which estate agent to use. 

If you own an equestrian property the decision is even more important because the equestrian facilities can have a huge influence on the value of the property.  It’s important therefore to choose an agent who specialise in the sale of equestrian property and truly understand the added value of facilities such as maneges, stables, indoor arenas and horse walkers.

Below are the top 5 things to look for when choosing an equestrian estate agent to sell your property:

1.     It’s important to understand the difference between agents who claim to be Equestrian Propertyequestrian estate agents and those who actually are and have a proven track record.  Ask the agents you ask out to value your property what similar properties they have sold to yours and what price they were able to achieve. 

2.    Does the equestrian estate agent you are considering reach a different market place to a standard high street agent.  For example, do they advertise on all the key equestrian websites including Horse and Hound and Horsequest and local equestrian directories such as New Forest Equestrian Directory?   Do they advertise in the Horse & Hound magazine and sponsor at equestrian events?  Are they well known within the equestrian world and do they have a large equestrian following on their social media platforms?

3.    When the agent comes out to value your property question them as to their equestrian credentials.  Do they ride?  Do they ride for pleasure or do they compete.  How in depth is their equestrian knowledge.  Are you confident they know the value of the equestrian facilities you have on offer.  It is important to feel completely satisfied that they know their stuff as they will be the one’s putting the marketing details together and conducting the viewings with the equestrian buyers.

Arena Manege4.    Don’t always go for the cheapest agent, it can be a false economy.  Equestrian estate agents are specialists in their fields of expertise and this should not be underestimated.  Equestrian property is not always straightforward and that knowledge and experience may come in very useful during your sale and is worth paying a little extra for.


5.    When you’ve decided which agent is your preferred agent do your homework.  Check their most recent reviews and recommendations.  Most agents subscribe to some kind of review site and it’s well worth looking at their most recent client experiences.  Don’t just look at the good reviews, look at the less good reviews and see how the agent handled it.

For more advice on selling your equestrian property contact one of our specialist advisers, they will be delighted to help.