Rural Houses Make An Imprint On Property Market

News at Fox Grant | 28/07/2015

According to the latest rural property index, now could be the ideal time to start looking properly at country houses for sale.

Figures from the post-general election market reveal that prices are very reasonable for potential buyers right now; likewise, the long-term outlook is promising for people choosing to make an investment.

There is an increasing amount of choice on offer for potential buyers looking at country homes and business opportunities, whilst vendors can take advantage of a rising tide of economic confidence and security, bolstered by a more stable political environment.

Recent data shows that pre-election concerns about personal finances and taxation did have an effect on the market for prime country property in Britain; with March 2015 seeing an annual price rise of 2.5%, compared to the 5.2% experienced in last year's second quarter.

The outlook is increasingly positive with prices already rising by almost a one percent average this year, showing a 2.5% annual increase.

Experts in the field see a positive change in trading conditions; buyers are returning to the area and are making offers on country houses for sale, whereby an increasing number of vendors believe that now is a good time to sell.

Figures determine that activity in the prime country market has increased over the last year, demonstrating the opportunities on offer to buyers and vendors alike; and this is a trend that looks set to continue. Certainly, many people are choosing to make their move now that the threat of a mansion tax has been removed.

Both political and property experts believe that entering into a period of relative political stability is likely to prompt an increasing amount of activity in the prime country property market, with a rising number of options on offer for those people looking for country houses for sale.

As interest rates stay low, mortgage rates remain competitive and steady economic growth is predicted, the long-term outlook then continues to look good for the market. All areas of the country are expected to benefit from the continuing improvement in the economy.

In turn, this should lead to even more demand coming from London; both from those looking to live in popular commuter locations, offering good links with the capital, and from those who want to exploit the potential for value-for-money deals, which the regional prime markets can offer.

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