Moving Home? Reap the Rewards of Country Life

News at Fox Grant | 11/05/2015

If you're looking to move home and are considering a rural setting, you'll find very quickly that our range of country property for sale is second-to-none.

You may already be enjoying all of the benefits of living in a town or city, with every conceivable amenity close at hand, but there are equally as many that can be offered by a home in the country.

Indeed, choosing a rural home is about more than deciding how many bedrooms you need; a country home is as much a lifestyle choice as an investment opportunity, and this can be a scary prospect if you are looking to leave a familiar urban background behind.

There are many benefits to life in the countryside; below are some of the most popular reasons to support your decision.


Health benefits

Moving away from towns and cities can do wonders for your health, as can the ability to rely less on an industrialised food system. You may even choose to live the Good Life and grow your own.

For many people gardening is a perfect form of exercise, or you could simply sit back, let someone else take the strain, and enjoy the unrivalled taste of produce grown on your own doorstep.

Many studies have shown the positive effects on mental health that country living can have. Even those people who commute to urban areas find it much easier to leave the stress behind as they abandon the city streets for their journey home. Making the most of the relaxation on offer can also make for more productivity and better performance when the time comes to go to work again.


A better environment for your family

Statistics show that crime levels are much lower in rural areas, making it even easier to relax, safe in the knowledge that you, your property and your sanity are much more likely to stay intact if you choose to buy a country house.

It can be hard to steer children away from the lure of the television or the latest games console, especially when there are limited opportunities for them to entertain themselves without you being on hand to oversee. The safety of the environment and the space offered by many country properties, however, opens up a whole new healthy and invigorating world for youngsters to explore.

Of course, the type of community you discover will depend on the particular property you choose, but in general it can be far easier to find true communities in the countryside than in impersonal cities and towns.

If you?re considering a move to rural England, why not speak with one of our expert countryside estate agents?