Equestrian Property Sales Attracting Worldwide Talent

News at Fox Grant | 01/07/2015

Britain is experiencing a renaissance due to the increasing demand for the highest-quality equestrian estates, led by professionals and individuals with far more than just a passing interest in horses.

There are two main kinds of buyers who are driving this latest wave of demand for high-quality equestrian properties for sale: British and international professionals, and affluent families; both share an interest in horses and the business opportunities which they can provide.

Britain is proving particularly attractive for professionals from abroad, who see it as the ideal base from which to pursue their careers. This is because of the already high concentration of equestrian talent that the country contains, along with its plethora of prestigious shows. Ranging from financial backers to vets, many factors are luring in talent to look at equestrian properties for sale; some of which include high standards of tuition on offer, and the availability of strong support services.


Equestrian Properties proving popular with worldwide buyers

The success of the London Olympics has only increased an international interest in UK equestrian properties. As excitement builds around the prospect of good performances by British riders at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, the levels of enthusiasm surrounding equestrian properties also looks set to rise further.

With some federations directly insisting upon it, many international equestrian federations prefer riders to have competed on the British eventing circuit, even before they are considered for a place on their own Olympic team.

It should therefore come as no surprise, then, that when looking for equestrian properties to buy, event riders are amongst the most active searchers; especially given that Britain is home to a large proportion of the most renowned horse trials on the planet, including Badminton and Burghley.

There is a large amount of interest coming from the dressage sector, likewise from buyers in countries such as Qatar, who are looking to extend their racing operations. There are also those who are looking to acquire equestrian properties as a result of the economic upturn, which has in turn given many people the funds to make an investment in their favourite hobby.

This booming demand provides many opportunities for vendors looking to sell high-quality equestrian estates, especially given that the demand for such properties traditionally exceeds supply.

There is also a demand for a wide range of different properties: ranging from those seeking lifestyle riding, who will often seek more luxurious houses at the expense of sophisticated equestrian facilities; to those professional competitors, who generally focus more on factors such as the condition of an arena's surface and adequate covered parking for horseboxes.

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